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Posted by Steve Connor on January 22, 2013 . 0 Comments

So after a longer time than I would have liked the website is finally back online, so why did we bother changing it in the first place?

Our old site was shamefully neglected, it wasn't built very well to start with and changing things on it was a nightmare, the store wasn't very good and updates were nowhere near as frequent as I would have liked. We decided to update the site a while ago with the main idea of making it much easier to use, a much better shop experience and built around a system that would enable us to add regular updates.

Firstly we decided on a clean and simple look, this is a current trend in web design and it makes sites easier to navigate, we have links to our YouTube site, Facebook page and Twitter feeds on the homepage, and a direct Twitter feed on the right hand side. We'll be updating the cover video every few days as part of our plans to upload much more content to our YouTube site. The store is much easier to browse and the checkout experience should be a lot easier. We've also added Google Checkout for those people who don't have PayPal.

There's also a site search box which will do a keyword search through our products, blogs and any other content we have on the site. This blog is new and you can post comments on here if you feel the urge or you can use the contact form on the right hand side for direct messages.

The site should be iPad and tablet friendly and there is also a mobile version that will display if you use a smartphone.

We hope you'll enjoy the site and please feel free to feedback with any issues you find. This is just the first stage of a number of new developments we have planned for this year.


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